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Bubelíny Barber Shop - the place for a groomed, stylish, and modern man. We are perfectionists. We want everything to be impeccable – precise haircuts, shaving, Truefitt & Hill products, quality coffee, whiskey and rum, our premises design, cleanliness and overall atmosphere of the place.

As the only barber shop in Brno we have reserved parking for you 10 meters from the entrance. Over five years of our existence, our team has grown from 2 to 7 barbers. We do everything – razor shaving, scissors cut, trimming… From the most classic to modern hairstyles.

We constantly educate ourselves, go to trainings, fairs and exhibitions so we can always offer you the best available services and products. Your satisfaction is most important to us and we will do everything for it. Come see yourself, relax and leave perfectly groomed, ready to conquer the world.

Jakub Bubelíny, barber, founder and executive

Why Bubelíny barber shop

Experienced Barbers

Our barbers are precise and experienced. Service quality, your satisfaction and your comfort are most important to us. Everyone in the barber shop speaks English.

Apart Barber Services

For each visit you will get coffee, water, and a glass of premium whisk(e)y or rum. We prefer lesser-known but more interesting brands that will speak to you, even though you might not be a liquor expert.

Free Parking

We have spare parking spots reserved for our customers right across the barber shop. We are in the heart of Brno – next to the shopping centre Vaňkovka.

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