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Dear customers, my name is Jakub Bubeliny and I am a barber. Over the last 7 years, I have had over 6,000 clients. I have always been a perfectionist, and I have never been content with something that was "just good". I take my job seriously, so I give it everything. That's why I decided to open my own barber shop where quality is in the first place and where I can guarantee everything you get from us - from a pleasant environment, quality service, and top rum and whisk(e)y. The same demands as I put on myself, I put on my team. I guarantee you a faultless service from all our barbers. We look forward to your visit.

Why Bubelíny barber shop

Experienced Barbers

Our barbers are precise and experienced. Service quality, your satisfaction and your comfort are most important to us. Everyone in the barber shop speaks English.

Apart Barber Services

For each visit you will get coffee, water, and a glass of premium whisk(e)y or rum. We prefer lesser-known but more interesting brands that will speak to you, even though you might not be a liquor expert.

Free Parking

We have spare parking spots reserved for our customers right across the barber shop. We are in the heart of Brno – next to the shopping centre Vaňkovka.

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