Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Jakub


Jakub Bubeliny has been a barber for 8 years and has had over 6 thousand clients. He started his barber shop because only this way he can be 100% sure of the quality of the service from A to Z. If you make an appointment with Jakub you will leave as a true gentleman – with a precise haircut and a perfectly trimmed beard. In his free time, Jakub is studying trends and developments in the industry, so you can be sure you get the best of what's currently available.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Luboš


Luboš studied to be a hairdresser and he has worked in the field for over 6 years. He is experienced in classical and modern cutting and styling techniques – shaving contours, shading, classic cut with, razor, and machine… Don’t be afraid to give him a free hand to create a hairstyle that suits you. The same applies to your facial hair. His work is his passion. He constantly learns new things and develops his skills.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Abdon


Abdon has been cutting hair for 20 years. His work is also his hobby – he enjoys making people look good. Don't be afraid to let him cut and shave you as he sees fit. He will know what suits you, you will look great and you will like it. Abdon cuts hair and shaves facial hair. He is cool, he likes to work out and ride his motorcycle. He only speaks Czech.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Tom


Tom has been working as a barber for over 8 years and will be happy to take care of your hair and beard. His specializes on simple and precisely executed haircuts, he is more of a minimalist. But he won't turn down the challenge of a more complex hairstyle. Do you want to talk or just close your eyes and enjoy the service? Tom is a professional, you will be satisfied with him.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Tom


Greg has been a barber for 4 years. He will be happy to discuss everything to the last detail with you before cutting your hair. He can advise you on styling and show you how to do it yourself. He prefers shorter cuts, but he likes to try new techniques, styles and cuts, which he actively follows and trains outside of work too. Don't be afraid to give him a free hand, he will know what will suit you.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Lukáš


Lukáš has been a barber for a little over 5 years. He is precise, creative and can give you exactly the same haircut you want. He does great skin fade. He can also handle classic haircuts and beard grooming or shaving. You can chat together for example about about cars, motorcycles or gaming. He enjoys his work and it clearly shows in his results.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Jack


Jack has been a barber for 3 years. His strength is detailed work. He is creative and lives by his work. He is excellent at short precise, creative, and conservative haircuts, but he also gets along well with longer hair. Each haircut is a big challenge for Jack, which he goes into with a clear goal - to see the customer leave looking good and groomed to his highest satisfaction. Don't be afraid to put yourself in his hands, he will give you a great haircut and know what will suit you.