Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Jakub


Jakub Bubeliny has been a barber for 8 years and has had over 6 thousand clients. He started his barber shop because only this way he can be 100% sure of the quality of the service from A to Z. If you make an appointment with Jakub you will leave as a true gentleman – with a precise haircut and a perfectly trimmed beard. In his free time, Jakub is studying trends and developments in the industry, so you can be sure you get the best of what's currently available.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - James


A talent like James is born only once every few years. In March 2019 he won a great 2nd place in the Barber Battle CZ/SK competition in the fast fade category – the contestants had to create a perfect hairstyle with a precise shaded transition. James is the 2nd best in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to classical hair cutting and shaving, James excells at non-traditional haircuts. If you want to make your appearance somehow different and edgy, do not hesitate to contact him.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Luboš


Luboš studied to be a hairdresser and he has worked in the field for over 6 years. He is experienced in classical and modern cutting and styling techniques – shaving contours, shading, classic cut with, razor, and machine… Don’t be afraid to give him a free hand to create a hairstyle that suits you. The same applies to your facial hair. His work is his passion. He constantly learns new things and develops his skills.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Filip


Do you want an unusual hairstyle? Then you want to go see Philip. He has been working as a barber for 4 years. He'll make sure you leave the barbershop looking exactly the way that suits you the best. He is dedicated to his job - in his free time he studies the latest techniques and trends. Filip only cuts hair at the moment.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Dominik


Dominic is a true enthusiast. He had already cut hair at elementary school. If you are a detailist, you won’t be disappointed. He has a trained eye and a precise hand. He perfectly masters techniques that not everyone dares to do - crop top, taperfade, hairtattoo… He also likes classic hairstyles - his job isn’t finished until everything is perfect. For now, he just cuts hair.

Bubelíny Barber shop v Brně - Honza


He puts his heart into his work. He had originally studied something else, but once he got his hand on a professional pair of scissors, he knew what he wanted to do. Gradually he got to razor shaving and various barber techniques that ordinary hairdressers do not do. He has been a barber for nearly 2 years. He is communicative and speaks good English. The greatest reward for a job well done for him is a client who likes to return to him regularly. So far, he just cuts hair.